Duo Jiao


Salted chopped chilies (often referred to as “pickled chilies” in the West) are an ingredient most people in the West have never tried. Both our Salted Chili Chinese Chive Frittata and our Hunan-Style Whole Fish make heavy use of it. A comprehensive guide to understanding and applying duo jiao will be provided in this article.

What is DUO JIAO?

In Mandarin Chinese, Duo Jiao means chopped chili peppers (duo) (jiao). Hunan Province delicacy, famed for its spiciness, is based on chopped red chilies pickled in brine solution.

The spoonful often uses these chilies in meals because they are mild in flavor and have a salty, slightly pickled/tangy taste. They are also mild in spice (though brand varies).

During our time in Hunan, we saw many street merchants slicing red chilis and packing them into jars for sale.


Steamed Fish Head, a Hunan delicacy, features duo jiao. Much great than you might expect, this dish!

This dish can be made with filet mignon. There are a lot of bright red peppers on top, but they’re not as terrifying as they appear.

They’re not as hot as you might expect, but they’re much tastier than you’d expect.

Tofu and oyster mushrooms can be used to make a vegan version that is just as wonderful.

Stir-fries and egg dishes, such as the Salted Chili Chinese Chive Frittata, can also benefit from the salty chilies.

Purchasing and keeping track of the things you own

TanTan Xiang was the brand we utilized in China.

As a general rule, it’s possible to find it in an Asian supermarket. The more brands you can find in your area, the better.

Compared to other types of chili sauce and paste, dual jiao retains the distinct chunks of chopped chili. The brilliant red color of the chilies has not changed and is mistaken for spicy fermented black bean-based pickled chile sauces, which should only be used sparingly as a condiment.

Refrigerate in a tightly sealed container. Always use a clean spoon or handle to avoid contamination while scooping it out or handling it. Keeping it in the fridge can keep it fresh for a long time.

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