Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

3 ingredients, no deep-frying, and the tastiest and stickiest honey bbq chicken wings ever.

When it comes to sports and football, it’s that time of year when everyone is watching and rooting for their favorite team.

Every time I check social media, I see what my friends are doing on game day: watching the game, trash-talking, eating, and posting about it.

While watching a sporting event, I’m usually curious about what people munch on. Are those chicken wings to die for?

For those of you who are American football fanatics, I’ve decided to publish several chicken wings recipes here for you all to enjoy.

If you’re not a sports fan, don’t worry; these wings are delicious any day of the week or year. Anyone who hasn’t tried chicken wings has never failed me.

My favorite part of a chicken is definitely the wings, and I’ve tried many different kinds.

Since Buffalo Wild Wings is one of my favorite locations to get chicken wings, I replicated the restaurant’s honey BBQ sauce. A few blocks from my former residence, Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular place to eat wings on the weekends.

The Mac & Cheese there is a favorite of Little G’s, but it’s the wings that have us coming back time and time again. Honey BBQ Wings are a personal favorite of ours.

Honey and BBQ sauce combine to make this sticky, sweet treat…

Incredibly simple, but oh, so satisfying. Getting the entire order all to myself will not be a problem.

My honey BBQ chicken wing recipe uses no deep-frying, which is a huge plus. Yes! Bake the chicken wings at 400F until they’ve browned and crisped up to your liking.

Then, combine honey, BBQ sauce, and Sriracha sauce in a saucepan and bring to a boil. The Sriracha chili sauce is an optional addition, but I prefer my wings with a little more spiciness.

Regardless, this is the most straightforward chicken wing recipe ever, and it only requires three (3) components to make. The oven performs all the work while relaxing in front of the TV.

Toss the wings in the sauce during a commercial break and eat them in front of the TV.

Chicken wings are fantastic during January or February, and my honey BBQ chicken wings will make the two months much better for you.

What is the average number of calories in one serving?

  • Each serving of this recipe contains only 316 calories.

With this recipe, what are its complementary dishes?

I’ve compiled a collection of recipes that are both healthy and quick enough to prepare on a weeknight.



  • salt
  • ground black pepper
  • 2 lbs. (1 kg) frozen party wings, thawed


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 – 1 teaspoon Sriracha sauce
  • 4 tablespoons bottled barbecue sauce


  1. Make sure the oven is preheated at 400oF.
  2. After rinsing and drying them with paper towels, prepare the chicken wings. Salt and pepper to taste the chicken after transferring. Put aluminum foil on the baking tray and then put a baking rack on top of it.’ A single layer of wings is best when prepared this way.
  3. 45 to 50 minutes of baking time, turning pan halfway through cooking time They’ll need your constant attention.
  4. Honey BBQ Sauce: In your large bowl, combine all the sauce’s components.
  5. To serve, remove the chicken from the oven and mix it with the Honey BBQ Sauce. Several tosses will guarantee an even coating. It’s time to eat now.
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