China Wok: 12 Easy Steps To Properly Cook

China wok: is a comprehensive guide on wok cooking, including the best wok to buy, carbon steel woks, menus, recipes, and the best oil to use in a wok.


In China, the wok is an essential cooking utensil, and most woks are made in China. I’ve gotten quite a lot of emails about it. What is the best way to season a wok? How to utilize a wok and basic wok cooking tips and techniques, such as controlling the wok’s heat, are all covered.


Eleanor Hor is a wok enthusiast from China, a culinary instructor, and the designer of the Wok Star Kit.

Here are several ideas for avoiding common china wok cooking blunders:

  1. Cooking in a wok necessitates the proper technique, heat, and flavors.
  2. Use your wok for stir-frying, steaming, stewing, deep-frying, smoking, and soups to declutter your kitchen.
  3. Keep your China wok out at all times for easy access. You don’t utilize it if you can’t see it.
  4. Using the wrong wok and not properly seasoning it might lead to disaster.
  5. The best wok made in China is a lightweight cast iron wok. Who wants to lift a 15-pound weight? Every night, do you cook?
  6. When food is in the wok, it tips over, and the handle gets in the way.
  7. Round bottom woks require direct flames for best heat control, i.e., gas.
  8. Flat-bottomed woks lack a natural stir-frying action, use more oil, and were designed for electric stoves.
  9. According to the manufacturer’s caution, non-stick woks should not be used above medium heat; however, high heat is required to sear meat and cook crunchy vegetables.
  10. For gas stoves, use the smallest burner so that the heat is focused on your wok.
  11. Owners of electric stoves: a portable butane gas stove addresses the problem of wok cooking!
  12. Someone who develops their cooking style and thinks beyond the box is a Wok Star.

The variation of the best oil for wok includes peanut, vegetable, and canola.

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