Boiled Potatoes With Parsley

As far as potato dishes go, this is one of my favorites. This quick and easy 5-ingredient side dish is perfect for a weeknight meal.

Boiling potatoes is one of the simplest methods to prepare them. To make a simple supper side dish, toss the potatoes with the spices.

The parsley potato is one of the quickest, simplest, and most delicious boiled potato dishes. Recipes such as these work nicely with many major courses, such as baked cod.

Boiling potatoes need a large pot, saltwater, and a few other basic ingredients. Bring 1 tablespoon of salt and half a gallon of water to a rolling boil in a stockpot.

While you’re waiting, give the potatoes a good scrubbing with some water and soap. Keep the potato’s skin on.

Before adding the potatoes, make sure to boil the water in a stockpot and cover the pot.

Boiling fresh potatoes or baby potatoes takes 15 minutes, then chop a large potato into quarters.

Take note that a large potato will take at least 30 to 35 minutes to cook through in the center.

Check doneness by poking the middle with a fork.

5 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time are needed for this recipe.

  • Baby potatoes. 
  • Unsalted butter.
  • Salt.
  • Ground black pepper.
  • Italian parsley.

This potato side dish is packed with nutrients. Because boiling is a healthy cooking method, it is beneficial for weight reduction.

Each serving of this dish, which calls for 4 ounces of potatoes, has 165 calories. It is best to serve potatoes with your main meal.

I offer the following dishes for a nutritious and convenient midweek supper.


  • water
  • 1 tablespoon of salt to boil
  • 1 pound (0.4 kg) little red and yellow potatoes
  • Melt three tablespoons of unsweetened butter.
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • A tablespoon of ground black pepper.
  • Cut up 2 tablespoons of Italian parsley into small pieces.


  1. Add salt and water to a stockpot and bring it to a boil. Then bring it to a rapid boil.
  2. Meanwhile, scrape and rinse the tiny potatoes’ exteriors.
  3. Cook the young potatoes for 15 minutes in the boiling water. Drain and rinse the young potatoes in cool water. Then mix the potatoes, butter, salt & pepper, and parsley in a large bowl. Remember to stir the mixture gently. The boiling potatoes should be served right away.
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