Mee Rebus

The noodle dish is a popular one in Malaysia. Noodles with spicy potato-based gravy and prawn fritters form the basis of this mee rebus recipe.

PigPig’s Corner, written by the charming Ann and Jeff, a Malaysian couple living in the United Kingdom, is probably well-known to readers of food blogs.

In addition to restaurant reviews, Pig Pig’s Corner posts recipes, and no matter what they post, I am always drooling over the food they feature.

Penang Curry Mee kicked off this week’s hawker cuisine posts, and today PigPig’s Corner is giving a recipe for mee rebus. Make sure you visit Ann’s collection of mee rebus, which is full of golden brown and crispy prawn fritters and delectable mee rebus. I’m hungry!

Let me begin by welcoming you to PigPigsCorner and thank you for sharing such a beautiful dish with us.

Among Malaysia’s various noodle dishes, mee rebus is a popular one. It’s a dish of yellow noodles in a spicy potato stew with fried shallots, spring onions, bean sprouts, and tau kwa (dried/fried beancurd), as well as lime juice and salt. I had never tasted it until my mother-in-law for apparent reasons despite its widespread popularity.

My first bite was enough to make me fall in love. The tamarind paste and lime juice add a sour note to the sauce, which is thick, flavorful, and rich.

To accompany this dish, my mother-in-law always serves it with cucur udang/bawang (prawns and onions fritters), which I find to be a perfect companion because the fritters soak up all that delicious sauce. You may always add some Sriracha or Tabasco for an added kick of flavor.

I was amazed when she gave me this recipe for mee rebus during her last visit because it’s so simple to make. I understand why she merely gave me a list of components, but I would have appreciated knowing the specific amounts as well.

Using the suitable curry paste and adding the right amount of potatoes may make or break the dish. Do not be afraid to experiment with the number of ingredients and find what works best for you in the kitchen.

With this recipe, what are its complementary dishes?

I’ve compiled a collection of recipes that are both healthy and quick enough to prepare on a weeknight.



  • Egg noodles


  • 1 tbsp Assam, tamarind paste – seeds removed
  • 10 peeled small potatoes, cut into large chunks
  • Salt
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 Knorr chicken stock cubes
  • 1 packet of instant chicken curry paste, more or less to taste
  • 6-7 cups of low sodium chicken stock or water


  • Your favorite sambal
  • Bean sprouts
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Fried shallots
  • Spring onions


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine dried prawns, fresh prawns, onions, and chives. Mix the flour and water together until a smooth paste is formed. Add salt, pepper, and sugar to the chicken stock.
  2. Set up a deep-fryer with a pan or pot of oil. The batter should be poured into the oil and fried until golden brown (I used a Chinese soup spoon for this). Do this in tiny batches to avoid overflowing the pan and overcooking. Allow it cool for a few minutes after being removed from the heat.
  3. Serve.
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